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Keeping Kids Safe at School

It seems inconceivable that your kid can get hurt in school.

When you send your children to school you believe you’re sending them to a safe place where they are protected by teachers and administrators.

On most days this is true but what happens when your child is involved in an incident or accident that results in injury? You may find yourself in the middle of a personal injury case.

It’s important to educate yourself on the things you need to know that can make or break your personal injury case.

Cellphones in School

For as much as we may not want our kids to have a cellphone, it can come in quite handy to gather photo and video evidence at the scene of an incident. It can just as easily get your child in trouble if they’re recording incidents that could be construed as misconduct or even crime. Make sure your kids know the difference before they end up in trouble.

Teachers & Administrators

Courts have ruled that through loco parentis (“in place of parent”) schools, including teachers and administrators, assume the same role as parents as it relates to supervision and care.

Schools are obligated to protect students from undue harm whether that’s on the playground, in the classroom, in school hallways, or on the school bus.

  • Was there a sign indicating a wet floor in the cafeteria where your kid slipped?
  • Were the fire alarms and emergency exits in working order?
  • Was there proper supervision on the playground?
  • Did the teachers meet their obligation to protect your child?

These and more are questions to consider in your school-related personal injury case.


All too often schools ignore bullying among students until it is too late. They believe the kids can work it out on their own when they actually have a child existing in fear of other students.

Letting kids work things out isn’t an option.

If administrators know about bullying and don’t intervene, they can be found liable for damages. They are obligated to investigate and take disciplinary action to stop future acts of violence.

Students who do not comply should be expelled but the process is often not a simple one. There are other parents to consider along with teachers.

  • Document conversations and disciplinary actions in writing.
  • Gather evidence at the scene of the incident by taking pictures and/or video.
  • Inform school officials of concerns.
  • Follow up with the school.
  • Communicate with your kids.

Just because the school is obligated to protect your children doesn’t mean that have the resources or even know what’s happening. Be diligent to protect your child.

School related personal injury cases can get complicated with the number of people involved, the nature of injuries, and the type of incident. You need Silkman Law Firm Injury & Accident Lawyer to sort out the details of the case.

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Author: Alex Silkman
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