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Bus Accidents

Have you or someone you know been involved in a bus accident? Bus accidents can be confusing. Victims often don’t know who they can file the claim against, so they falsely believe they don’t have a case at all. This is because bus acc idents often include multiple parties, such as: you, bus driver, other drivers, bus management company, government entities (if it’s public transportation vehicle), or the school district (if it’s a school bus).

What You Need to Know

If you’ve been involved in a bus accident, treat it similarly to a car accident.

  • Take pictures
  • Fill out police reports
  • Seek medical attention
  • Call your bus accident attorney

Don’t assume the other party will take care of it.

Your Rights

You have a right to have your bus accident case reviewed by an experienced accident attorney. Bus accidents happen for several reasons:

  • Impaired driver(s)
  • Reckless driving
  • Bad weather conditions or visibility
  • Defective equipment
  • Improper bus maintenance

Bus drivers aren’t above the law.

Pursuing Your Claim

Once you contact us, our team will get to work instantly and collect all relevant information because we know that the more time passes, the harder things can get. When it comes to getting the insurance company to pay and holding the negligent party responsible, our team of experts pursues every legal option available.

We don’t give up.

What’s Next?

If you’ve been involved in a bus injury accident, it’s vital to seek legal assistance right away. Our team will discuss the details of your case with you and inform you about the steps you can take to get the outcome you deserve.

Act now.

Easing Your Personal Injury Pain

The Silkman Law Firm has access to a number of legal and non-legal professionals to address virtually all issues that may arise in your personal injury case. Our office is in the Central Phoenix area and we handle cases statewide in multiple practice areas.

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