man receiving a hearing aid from his doctor after he experienced hearing loss from an auto accident

If you suffered vision or hearing loss in an accident that was someone else’s fault, you could be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost income, lower quality of life, and more. Reach out to the Arizona vision and hearing loss attorneys at Silkman Law Firm Injury & Accident Lawyer to find out how we can help you demand this money. Consultations are free, so there’s no risk in learning about your legal options.

Can a Car Accident Cause Hearing or Vision Loss?

Car accidents are a common cause of hearing and vision loss. In some cases, these injuries may improve over time with treatment. But in other instances, they can be permanent.

One of the most common causes of eye problems after a car accident is a concussion. Concussions are typically caused by blunt force trauma to the head and often result in:

  • Double vision
  • Light sensitivity
  • Blurry vision
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Poor depth perception

Another common eye injury associated with car accidents is retinal tear or detachment. Symptoms of this injury include blurry vision, flashes of light in one or both eyes, and gradually reduced peripheral vision. If left untreated, a retinal tear or detachment can lead to permanent vision loss.

Like vision loss and other eye problems, hearing loss after a car accident can often be attributed to head injuries and blunt force trauma. Head injuries can rupture the eardrums, cause membrane and tissue damage in the inner ear, and restrict blood flow to the cochlea. Whiplash – when the head and neck are violently jerked around during a collision – could also cause ear damage.

Although they save lives, airbags can cause hearing issues simply by deploying. The small explosion that deploys the airbag can cause ear pain and ringing. If the airbag directly hits the head, bones in the ear could break.

Can I Sue for Eye or Vision Problems After an Accident?

The consequences of an eye injury or impaired vision are considerable, taking a toll on an accident victim’s quality of life and ability to care for themselves and earn a living. If you suffered vision problems after an accident someone else caused, you have a legal right to sue them to recover compensation. If you work with an experienced Phoenix personal injury lawyer, they may be able to reach a settlement agreement with the at-fault party or their insurer so the stress and hassle of a lawsuit can be avoided.

If you suffered vision loss or eye problems because of a workplace accident, you could be entitled to benefits through your employer’s workers’ compensation policy. Workers’ compensation covers medical expenses and replaces part of your lost income while you cannot work. It also provides disability benefits if your vision is not expected to improve. If your eye injury occurred in the workplace but was caused by someone other than your employer, such as a contractor or defective equipment manufacturer, you could seek additional compensation through a personal injury claim against that person.

Can I Sue for Hearing Loss or Ear Pain After an Accident?

You can sue for an ear injury or hearing loss if it was caused by someone else’s negligence. The amount you can recover will depend on the severity of the injury and your long-term prognosis. Partial and total hearing loss are severe injuries that can permanently affect your overall quality of life. Even less serious injuries could require significant medical treatment.

To win your lawsuit, you must establish a direct link between your hearing loss or ear injury and the at-fault party’s actions. If you suffered hearing loss on the job, and you’re a covered employee, workers’ compensation should cover healthcare costs and a portion of lost earnings, as well as provide disability benefits.

More About Vision and Hearing Loss Settlements

If you suffered hearing or vision loss after an accident someone else caused, our Phoenix personal injury lawyers could help you recover money for:

  • Present and future medical costs
  • Rehabilitative care
  • Hearing devices and implants
  • Special equipment such as eyewear, canes, and home modifications
  • Guide dogs and other support animals
  • Lost income
  • Reduced future earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lower quality of life

Seeking compensation for vision and hearing loss can be a complex process. For example, if you are already dealing with visual impairment or hearing loss issues, being involved in an accident can worsen these problems. But it can be difficult to prove the accident aggravated an underlying injury or gauge exactly how much your injury will affect you in the long term when the accident just occurred.

That’s why you should hire an Arizona personal injury lawyer. They can consult with medical experts to determine the types of treatment you may require in the future and the impact your injury will have on your ability to do your job and enjoy daily life.

Regardless of the severity of your injury, you deserve to be compensated if someone else’s actions harmed you. At Silkman Law Firm Injury & Accident Lawyer, we can calculate the total value of your claim, negotiate a settlement on your behalf, and take your case to trial if we can’t get the insurance company to pay a fair amount that covers all of your losses.

Why Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer for Your Claim?

Your chances of recovering a favorable settlement or verdict will likely be better if you have a reputable personal injury attorney in your corner. Silkman Law Firm Injury & Accident Lawyer offers fierce legal representation to individuals who have suffered eye and ear injuries in the Phoenix area.

We know how devastating it can be to be diagnosed with vision or hearing loss because we’ve helped others in your position get the accountability and justice they deserve. If someone else harmed you, then we are here to fight for your right to financial relief. We can take care of the details of your case while you focus on adjusting to your condition and regaining a sense of normalcy.

You only have a limited amount of time to take legal action. Reach out to our Arizona hearing and vision loss attorneys today for a free consultation.