What Happens After Your Motorcycle Accident?

What Happens After Your Motorcycle Accident?

You’ve been involved in a Phoenix motorcycle accident. Now what?

The weather is darn near perfect in Phoenix for motorcycle riding.

You grab your gear and hop on your bike for a long weekend ride.


A distracted driver makes a left turn in front of you as you’re going straight through the intersection.

Statistically, at 42% this is the most common type of accident involving a motorcycle and another motor vehicle. [Source]

You realize the driver has turned in front of you but you don’t have time to stop.

The next thing you know, you’re on the ground wondering what just happened.

Stay calm. Even if the other driver or witnesses are angry and screaming, do your best to not get frustrated. Instead, assess how you’re feeling.

The best course of action, even if you think you aren’t hurt, is to go to the hospital to get checked. With all the adrenaline and stress, injuries can creep up later or be unseen.

If you’re able, ask someone there if they will get witness contact information and pictures at the scene of the accident. If you are unable to, do not worry. The police should gather some witness information too.

If that is the case, the motorcycle accident lawyers at Silkman Law Firm can gather witness accounts and other evidence later as we review your case.

When you arrive at the hospital you need to tell doctors what happened in order for them to diagnose your injuries. Be careful in telling details of the accident however. Doctors are not lawyers and even though they rarely mean to, they may write down their view of the accident in your chart in a way that is later used by insurance companies against you.

The other driver’s insurance will likely contact you for a statement or to sign forms. It’s their job to get you to make statements that can later be used against you.

They aren’t evil; they’re just trying to do their job. We recommend not giving a statement or signing anything until you’ve spoken with us.

It’s a lot to handle which is why we’re here to help you navigate your accident claim.

As you’re getting back to health track doctor appointments, courses of treatment, and time you miss from work as a result of the accident so you’re compensated properly.

If you or someone you love has been involved in a motorcycle accident of any kind, contact us or call the Silkman Law Firm at 602-535-5899 for a free case

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