Prisoner Dog Bite Case Settled in Ohio

Prisoner Dog Bite Case Settled in Ohio

It’s not often that you hear about a law suit being filed by a prisoner for a disfiguring dog bite but that’s exactly what happened in Cincinnati, OH for Vince Doan.

An article published in the Cincinnati Enquirer highlighted the details of the dog bite lawsuit.

Specifically, Mr. Doan sued the correctional system for damages associated with pain and suffering since his medical expenses were covered by the state.

At the Silkman Law Firm, we find this case particularly interesting because it highlights the reality that no one is immune from liability when it comes to damages for a law suit.

In this case, Mr. Doan ultimately settled in exchange for dropping the law suit, a common outcome when the defendant in the suit knows that there is a lawful an valid claim. They often wish to limit their costs associated with trial and a potential higher payment later.

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