Glendale Dog Attack

2015-04-13T05:56:38+00:00 Apr 13th, 2015|Dog Bite, News|

It's always tragic when anyone is injured by a dog bite but something makes it seem worse when it's a child. On February 17, 2015 two Glendale children were attacked by a neighbors pit bull that escaped the house and went after the kids. Thanks to a neighbor's quick thinking, 911 was called and they were

Prisoner Dog Bite Case Settled in Ohio

2015-04-02T05:56:38+00:00 Apr 02nd, 2015|Dog Bite, News|

It's not often that you hear about a law suit being filed by a prisoner for a disfiguring dog bite but that's exactly what happened in Cincinnati, OH for Vince Doan. An article published in the Cincinnati Enquirer highlighted the details of the dog bite lawsuit. Specifically, Mr. Doan sued the correctional system for damages