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Accidents involving semi-trucks can be complicated. The majority of trucking company cases involve large national companies registered in different states than where the accident occurred. This alone can be challenging especially if you’re thinking about representing yourself in a semi-truck accident case.

Evidence needed for your case is rarely in your control. It is not uncommon for data recorders, logs and other evidence to suddenly become “unavailable” when litigation begins. Having an experienced semi-truck accident attorney is vital to your case when this occurs.

Trucking Regulations

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, a division within the Department of Transportation, improves safety regulations for motor carrier operators including long distance and day-to-day semi-truck drivers. Understanding what kind of driver was involved in your accident is key to pursuing legal action.

If your accident involved a long distance driver, there are more regulations that should have been followed than if the semi-truck was driven by a day-to-day driver.

For example, Hours of Service applies to vehicles used for interstate travel that are a certain weight and/or passenger capacity. Drivers are required to rest a certain number of hours while on a long distance interstate trip and are required to log these hours. Failure to do so is a violation of federal regulations.

While liability is established based on negligent driving, breaches or violations of appropriate regulations and laws have a role in determining the outcome of semi-truck accident cases.

The challenge is to prove these laws and regulations were violated. While records and logs of driver activities are required to be preserved for a certain period of time, it is not uncommon for these records to be missing or incomplete making it hard to build a court case.

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Author: Alex Silkman
author alex silkman

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