spring training injury

It’s March and here in Phoenix, that means spring training baseball is back.

It’s a great time to see your favorite players getting ready for the regular season at a discounted price and in a much smaller setting than at Chase Field.

Most people don’t imagine getting hurt at a spring training game, but sometimes injuries happen.

Hot dog and beer in hand, you’re sitting on the first base line talking to a friend when a foul ball comes screaming in your direction. Too fast to react, you get hit by the ball.

And while this does happen (that’s why stadiums have signs up everywhere warning you of your danger), there’s often very little that can be done about these kinds of injuries.

While not a law, there is a rule called the Baseball Rule that says that by attending a baseball game, you’re knowingly putting yourself in danger and assume liabilities for your injuries. In fact, game tickets often have the liability waiver printed right on the back of the tickets you purchase.

And while it’s a dramatic type of injury, being struck by the ball or an errant bat, there are much more common injuries that happen at games.

Common Spring Training Injuries

Here are some of the most common types of injuries that can occur at a spring training (or any sporting event):

  • Spilled food or drink – Games are messy events with food and quick finding itself on the ground as often as into people’s mouths. The venue is responsible for ensuring dangerous messes are dealt with quickly.
  • Wet restroom floors – Just like outside in the concourse, restroom floors often get wet because of overflowing toilets or sinks that have been stopped up.
  • Blocked aisles – One of the more serious dangers are stairs with obstructions down to your seats. If a sizable piece of trash is left in the stairway and you fall because of it, the crash down the cement stairway can cause serious injury.

Ultimately, attending a sporting event like a spring training game can be just as dangerous as any other kind of event.

And when you’re dealing with a spring training game, it’s more complicated than dealing with a similar type of incident that may occur in regular business like a grocery store.

Often times the sporting event venues blend public, private, and even tribal organizations that involve a complex set of issues that need to be addressed for you to get the outcome you deserve.

You can’t handle these kinds of issues alone.

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Author: Alex Silkman

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