It might feel like time is standing still when you are in pain after a car accident. But if someone’s negligence resulted in your injuries, you have a short time to pursue legal action. Waiting too long could eliminate your … Continue reading

distracted driver

Did you get hurt in a car crash while riding as a passenger? It’s understandable to feel confused about your legal options in a situation like yours. You don’t need to search for answers on your own. Instead of wondering, … Continue reading

can you sue for emotional distress

Many accidents leave more than just physical scars. Emotional injuries can be equally as debilitating as any bodily wound. If you’re struggling with this kind of invisible trauma, you might wonder whether you can hold another party responsible for your … Continue reading

motorcycle on a highway

Just like other road users, motorcyclists must follow the rules of the road or face potential legal consequences. One rule that clients frequently ask about is Arizona’s lane-splitting law. Understanding the legality of lane splitting is important to avoid legal … Continue reading

is jaywalking illegal in Arizona?

Many states and cities have laws against crossing streets outside of designated crosswalks, while traffic controls instruct pedestrians to wait before crossing, or in situations where they should yield to oncoming traffic. This kind of behavior is colloquially known as … Continue reading

accident sign

A truck driver was killed in an accident on I-10 near Tucson recently when his tractor-trailer overturned. In the rollover, nitric acid spilled onto the roadway and released red and yellow vapor into the air. Authorities identified the victim as Ricky Immel, … Continue reading

woman crying

If another person’s negligence injured you, Arizona law entitles you to seek compensation for your accident-related injuries and losses. In legal terms, the compensation you’ll get for these losses is called “damages.” In personal injury lawsuits, courts may award the … Continue reading

Personal injury law book and gavel

If you have suffered an injury from an accident or incident that was someone else’s fault, you may be entitled to compensation from the person who hurt you. From the moment you are injured, collecting evidence is vital to proving … Continue reading

person holding their arm - showing nerve damage after an auto accident

Car accidents can be incredibly devastating and even life-altering events, with the potential to cause physical and psychological trauma that can last long after the accident itself. One common but often underappreciated injury is nerve damage or pinched nerves. If … Continue reading

pedestrian accident

Parking lots are the sites of many accidents. When only motor vehicles are involved, the results are often minor fender benders. But the results can be devastating when a 3,000-pound car hits an unprotected pedestrian. Even being hit at a … Continue reading