rollover accident

Windows open, music blasting, Mr. J was headed south on the 101 to work when his whole world exploded into chaos.

Eyes alertly watching the road, Mr. J could see a large 18-wheel truck turn on its blinker and start moving into his lane. The problem for Mr. J was that the big rig truck was moving into the space he was already occupying.

Scared, Mr. J slammed on his horn to alert the truck driver but he was ignored. Knowing that if he didn’t take action he was going to be killed by the truck, he jerked the wheel quickly to the left.

At the speed Mr. J was travelling, the move was a dangerous one. A sense of panic rose within him as he felt the car dramatically shifting to the left. He pulled the wheel quickly to the right to keep himself from going off the road but it was too little too late.

The swerving caused the vehicle to lose it’s connection to the road and he could feel himself lifted upwards against the seat belt as the car flipped over. The sound of shattering glass, tearing steel, and screeching tires filled his ears before he lost consciousness.

When he awoke, emergency crews were on the scene, cutting him free from the seat belt. His whole body was in pain.

The Facts

Fortunately the truck driver did the right thing and pulled over quickly.

A quick review of the scene by the police resulted in a citation being issued against the driver. It was clear that the truck driver had caused the accident.

Mr. J was rushed to the hospital where the emergency room doctors identified he’d sustained multiple injuries that were all very severe. During the process of patching him up, doctors warned Mr. J that some of the injuries were going to take a long time to heal and that he may even lose some of his range of motion.

As a man who worked for a living, Mr. J wasn’t just hearing about the pain of his upcoming recovery. He was hearing from the doctors that he wasn’t going to be returning to work for a long time. Something he just couldn’t afford.

The Case

A week or so after leaving the hospital, Mr. J called the truck driver’s insurance company. While making the phone call and speaking with their adjuster, Mr. J thought “their guy was at fault for the accident so his insurance company will start taking care of me, right?”

Wrong. Shortly after the phone call, Mr. J received a call back from the truck driver’s insurance company. Their “investigation” revealed that it was Mr. J’s speed that was the primary cause of the accident, not their driver and his negligent lane change. Mr. J’s claim was denied.

Realizing right away that he needed expert assistance to help him deal with this case, Mr. J contacted Silkman Law Firm Injury & Accident Lawyer to review the situation.

The Outcome

Not one to take no for an answer, Silkman Law Firm Injury & Accident Lawyer filed a lawsuit. A few months later, the case was successfully negotiated and settled in private mediation for a confidential sum.

The outcome was that Mr. J received a significant five-figure settlement—this after attorney fees and medical bills were paid—allowing him to get back to his normal life.

If you have been seriously injured in an auto accident, don’t go up against the insurance company alone.

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Author: Alex Silkman

Alex Silkman is the founder and managing member of Silkman Law Firm Injury & Accident Lawyer. He focuses exclusively on personal injury and wrongful death cases, with the goal of getting truly just results for accident victims and their families.