children at daycare

33% of children under the age of five receive child care from nonrelatives. Their families trust daycares and child-care facilities not only to educate and entertain their children but keep them safe. Unfortunately, many children each year are victims of … Continue reading

slip and fall sign at grocery store

We aren’t used to rainy days here in Phoenix. When it happens, we’re often unprepared, searching for umbrellas and shoes with a good grip. By the time we reach our destination, we’re damp and distracted. That’s when a slip and … Continue reading

It’s the most wonderful time of year. Or at least that’s how the song goes. You’ve RSVP’d to holiday parties and purchased gifts for the hosts. When you arrived at the party, you slipped going up the steps that lead … Continue reading

Specific details and identifying information has been changed in order to protect the confidentiality of the settlement agreement. Our client Ms. M was out shopping on Saturday afternoon at a major chain grocery store when she slipped and fell in … Continue reading

slip and fall lawyer holding gavel

Did you slip and fall at a store and aren’t sure if you have a case? There are times when a slip and fall accident happens in what could be considered a safe property and both parties are at fault. … Continue reading

You’re grocery shopping and slip and fall in an area with a posted wet floor sign. You ask yourself, “Is my slip and fall a real case?” It might be even though you walked where there was a sign clearly … Continue reading

“I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” This early 1980’s catchphrase left many laughing at the poor lady lying on the floor. When you slip and fall, it is no laughing matter. Fall injuries hurt. Your body hurts. Your time … Continue reading

Out of Philadelphia, PA a slip and fall case against a contractor responsible for doing work on the floors at the school where she worked. On Aug. 9, 2012, Mangano was preparing for her students’ return from summer vacation when … Continue reading

Did you recently slip and fall? Don’t wait to seek medical attention. An injury from fall can have long term medical consequences. It can also have legal consequences. If you think someone else was at fault, seek the counsel of … Continue reading