person holding their arm - showing nerve damage after an auto accident

Car accidents can be incredibly devastating and even life-altering events, with the potential to cause physical and psychological trauma that can last long after the accident itself. One common but often underappreciated injury is nerve damage or pinched nerves. If … Continue reading

Man making a phone call after a car accident

Have you been in an Arizona car accident while on the job? If so, you likely have questions about who will cover your repair expenses or medical bills. Silkman Law Firm Injury & Accident Lawyer is here to help determine … Continue reading

cars merging onto highway with text overlay "lane change accidents: who is at fault?"

If you were involved in a lane-change accident, you might not be sure who was at fault. Changing lanes and merging involves many quick decisions, and it can be difficult to remember if you took all the necessary precautions. Here, … Continue reading

disputing fault in a police report

If you have been injured in a Phoenix car accident and someone else was to blame, you have the right to demand compensation for your losses. However, the dollar figure you can secure depends on how much fault you bear … Continue reading

sleeping a lot after an accident

The psychological turmoil from a car crash can leave victims feeling jittery or preoccupied, making it difficult for them to sleep. However, some people have the opposite problem and find themselves sleeping more than usual after a crash. While feeling … Continue reading

types of brain injuries from accidents

After a car accident, you may experience physical and cognitive difficulties that can be symptoms of a brain injury. There are many different types of brain injuries. While some are more serious, all of them can impact your physical and … Continue reading

Man with head injury after a car accident

In the moments following a car crash, you may feel overwhelmed, confused, and even in shock. Because it can happen so fast, it’s normal if you can’t remember the details of a car accident. However, it can be concerning if … Continue reading

car damaged from a car accident in Phoenix

The circumstances of every crash are different, making it hard to say definitively what the average car accident settlement amount is in Arizona. The amount you could recover depends on the extent of your injuries, who is at fault for … Continue reading

"most dangerous roads in arizona" with road sign showing uneven pavement

A recent survey of nearly 3,000 fatal Arizona traffic accidents in a two-year period has revealed some of the most dangerous roads in Arizona. The findings have also shed light on some of the common factors in fatal accidents in … Continue reading

Crash Fatalities & Statistics in Arizona

Recent Crash Fatality Statistics in Arizona Although you would expect fewer car accident fatalities when everyone is driving less during the pandemic, the country has seen a surge in these tragic losses of life over the last few years. Unfortunately, … Continue reading