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Have you been in an Arizona car accident while on the job? If so, you likely have questions about who will cover your repair expenses or medical bills. Silkman Law Firm Injury & Accident Lawyer is here to help determine who could be liable when on-the-clock employees are involved in traffic collisions.

When Is My Employer Responsible for Damage to My Vehicle?

An employer’s responsibility for a car crash involving one of its employees varies depending on the circumstances. Your employer is generally only liable for what happens when you are on the clock and actively engaged in work-related activities.

Your employer might be liable for damage to your vehicle if you crashed while driving:

  • A delivery truck, which you use exclusively to make deliveries for the company
  • A rental car for a work-related trip to another city
  • A company car at any given time or location
  • From one off-site work location to another

When Is My Employer Not Liable for Damage?

In most circumstances, your employer will not be responsible for vehicle damage from accidents. You may be on the hook for your repair expenses in the following scenarios:

  • You were supposed to be at work but were driving for reasons unrelated to work when you crashed.
  • You crashed because you were driving while intoxicated or engaged in another behavior that violates your employer’s policies.
  • You were driving for work-related purposes but had left your intended route to run a personal errand at the time of the crash.

What Other Parties May Be Liable for an On-the-Clock Car Wreck?

One or several parties that are not your employer may be liable in a car accident that occurs while you are on the clock, including:

  • Other road users – Another road user, such as a motorist or pedestrian, may be liable if their actions caused the wreck.
  • Vehicle manufacturers – A vehicle manufacturer may be responsible if its poor product design led to a mechanical failure that contributed to the accident.
  • Vehicle mechanics – You may also be able to hold a mechanic or repair shop responsible if it failed to properly inspect or fix faulty car parts that caused the accident.
  • Local governments – A local government agency might be liable if poor road conditions or missing road signs led to the accident.

What If I’m an Independent Contractor?

If you are an independent contractor, you are effectively self-employed. You have no employer to hold liable for damage to your vehicle, even if you were paid to work for someone when the accident occurred.

However, you could hold a client or other party responsible for crash damage if they were somehow responsible for the collision. You could also seek compensation from a property owner if the crash occurred on their premises due to their negligence.

Get Help for a Car Accident That Happened While You Were on the Clock

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Alex Silkman is the founder and managing member of Silkman Law Firm Injury & Accident Lawyer. He focuses exclusively on personal injury and wrongful death cases, with the goal of getting truly just results for accident victims and their families.