How Road Conditions Play a Role in Truck Accidents

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How to Navigate Car Accidents Involving Elderly Drivers

Age-related changes can affect vision, physical ability, memory, and cognitive function, which can adversely affect an older motorist’s driving ability. What should you do when encountering elderly drivers on the road? Unless an older driver’s behavior gives you cause for … Continue reading

Navigating Car Accidents with Youth Drivers

Teen driver car accidents are among the most common type of traffic collisions. Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), teenage car accidents may be particularly common due to driver inexperience. Have you recently been hit by a teen driver in Phoenix? If … Continue reading

Latest Car Safety Tech to Prevent Accidents

Modern vehicles at all price points contain various car safety features designed to reduce the risk of motor vehicle accidents. Although car accident technology can help drivers safely operate their vehicles, motorists must stay vigilant and focus on the road. … Continue reading

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Although truck driver error or vehicle mechanical failures often cause or contribute to catastrophic truck accidents, poor road conditions – due to weather, inadequate road maintenance, or poor roadway design – are another critical factor in many accidents. If you … Continue reading

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Beyond Physical Harm Psychological Effects of Personal Injury Accidents

Many of the injuries that result from a car accident are immediately apparent, such as lacerations or broken bones. Other physical injuries are less obvious but detectable through X-rays or MRIs. However, people often overlook the psychological effects of personal … Continue reading

There are many dangers and potential consequences to being in any type of traffic accident. However, collisions involving large commercial vehicles have a far greater potential to cause catastrophic damage and life-altering injuries. The size disparity between trucks and passenger … Continue reading