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Dog Leash Laws

2018-05-22T12:42:39+00:00 Apr 27th, 2018|Dog Bite|

It’s important for both dog owners and victims of dog bites to be informed on dog leash laws in Arizona. Dog owners must ensure the public’s safety, no matter how harmless they believe their dogs are. Phoenix City Code 8-14 Laws Dogs are NEVER permitted to go at large (at large meaning not in captivity

The Importance of Calling the Police for Your Accident

2018-08-28T04:46:54+00:00 Apr 17th, 2016|Car Accident, Personal Injury Law|

There’s one question we hear a lot from people – “Do I really need to call the police if someone hits me? I mean, what if I’m not that injured or there’s not much damage to my car?” We know what’s motivating the question. The vision of calling the police –sitting in the middle of

Traumatic Brain Injury: Dealing with the Legal Aspects

2016-04-04T09:34:39+00:00 Apr 04th, 2016|Medical Mistakes, Personal Injury Law|

It’s scary enough to think about being in an accident, whether on the job or involving a motor vehicle. But add to that the thought of long-term and chronic injuries and you have a challenging future on your hands. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident that has resulted in

Boat Drunk Driving Personal Injury Case

2016-03-25T19:30:42+00:00 Mar 25th, 2016|Boat Accident, Personal Injury Law|

It doesn’t matter what you’re driving—car, truck, motorcycle, ATV, aircraft, or boat—if you’ve been drinking, you shouldn’t be driving. Unfortunately, this kind of thing happens every day: someone who’s had a bit too much gets behind the wheel. When you move this scenario to one of our gorgeous Phoenix-area lakes, it can turn a relaxing